The Fitz Factor by Ken Fitzgerald

Ken Fitzgerald is a distinguished name in health and wellness circles in New York. His renowned expertise as a fitness and wellness expert and entrepreneur has led to multiple TV appearances including CBS, Fox News, NY1 and other major network stations. Ken has also been featured and written insightful articles for multiple fitness and wellness magazines and news publications including Elle, Vogue, Gotham, Fitness, Health, Avenue, Marie Claire, Crain’s, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

During a career spanning over 35 years in health, wellness and fitness training, Ken has expertly served people with simple-to-complex quality of life challenges in numerous ways. He was always passionate about fitness and started his career as a Fitness Instructor in 1984 in his local high school, where he stayed until 1991 when he was offered a high executive position with multiple roles of Fitness Director, Program Director, and Head Personal Trainer at Sport Time Fitness Clubs in NY. He was given the title of Global Fitness Director for all 11 of their NY clubs. 25 years ago, in 1996, Ken founded his first signature health and wellness facility – Lift Gym – in NYC, which has grown into a famous fitness and wellness brand with its new name LIFT, Inc reaching audiences across NYC, Los Angeles, and as far as the UK.
In 2007, he opened his second facility in East Hampton, which too maintains the reputation of a comprehensive health and wellness solutions hub.
Using a variety of proven techniques and strategies, his advanced education and training in fitness and rehabilitation, and a passion to help people, Ken has trained countless people to optimize their quality of life by achieving normal body and joint function. Ken is certainly qualified for the wellness and fitness coach career he chose for himself all those years ago. He has both the formal training and personality traits required to do the job well. He possesses an A.A.S. in Fitness, a B.S. in Human Movement Sciences as well as numerous health and fitness training certifications from widely respected institutions. At the same time, he is a patient coach who leverages his advanced experience and knowledge in fitness training, corrective exercise, and post trauma rehabilitation to create generic and personalized training programs and fitness regimens for his clients.
Ken approaches every client with the primary goal to elevate their ability to function better physiologically, feel better, and increase the quality of life through a comprehensive exercise plan that addresses their specific challenges. He builds each relationship with focus on the client’s long-term needs and wellness. Some of Ken’s clients have been with him for close to 30 years.
As a compassionate seasoned professional, who wants to share his knowledge to help people get better, Ken has been publishing priceless information for free on his website (https://thefitzfactor.com) for years. He feels this is how he can give back to the society, and he intends to shift his focus even more to this project after he retires in a decade or so.
Ken has a daughter and lives in NYC. While he stays very busy with his work, he likes to restore classic cars and motorcycles in the time he can spare.
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