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Hello Everyone..!

And Happy New Year..!

I am very excited and happy to tell you that I am now able to accept donations. These funds will be used exclusively to offset the cost of IT and video services which have become increasingly more expensive. As you know,  the content on this site is free and available to anyone. My hope is to increase the frequency of the written content as well as increasing the quality and frequency of the video content therefore enhancing the overall experience. My goal is to continue to attract more people to the site helping to educate them to the best of my ability and experience. Donations can be one time or ongoing. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. Please see the bottom of the blog page and click on “Support Us” to access the donation portal.

And to further show our appreciation, we will be sending out a free T-shirt for your first donation. In-fact, while donating $50 if you increase the quantity we will throw in an extra shirt. Who knows, it could be a uniform for the whole family to wear while working on the resolutions for 2022!

If you feel like donating more, please press the “$50 or more” button and increase the amount you would like to donate in $50 increments.

Thank You So Much In Advance!!

Yours In Health,
Ken Fitzgerald
The Fitz Factor

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