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Role Of A Fitness Program For Your Health And Mind

Enrolling in a fitness program is the biggest gift you can ever give to yourself. Increased physical activities not only make you feel good but can alleviate the risk of chronic disease and help you stay fit by allowing you to get rid of unhealthy fats! But that is not everything a fitness program delivers; it can help you reach your utmost physical, mental, and spiritual self!

The blog sheds light on fitness programs in NY and worldwide: the concept, benefits for health enthusiasts, and finally, a snippet about our in-house fitness program, ‘LIFT,’ in brief.

What is a fitness program?

A physical training program is created to assist a person in improving his health, physical, and mental condition! The concept is derived from ‘physical fitness, a health and wellbeing state required to live day-to-day life optimally. Therefore, a fitness program must involve activities that address every health-related component of fitness (the critical 5 are listed below.) It is achieved through the right balance of nutritional food intake, medium to intense exercise, sufficient sleep & rest, along with an appropriate recovery period.

The five indispensable components of physical fitness are:

  • Body compositions
  • Flexibility
  • Muscular strength
  • Muscular endurance
  • Cardiorespiratory endurance

Benefits for individuals to enroll in a fitness program?

A customized fitness program is an excellent way to remain fit and receive much-needed physical and mental benefits. What are other benefits involved in the process? This section answers this question.

  • It is effective in weight management.
  • It improves balance, coordination, spatial awareness, and agility.
  • It improves muscular strength and motor fitness, and aerobic fitness.
  • It improves heart and lung conditions.
  • It alleviates the risk of chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes.
  • It improves sleep and brain function.

LIFT Personal Training Program by The Fitz Factor: What makes us unique?

At The Fitz Factor, we offer a one-of-its-kind personal training program, ‘LIFT,’ that offers customized health & fitness programs to individuals (according to their body requirements.) Our special fitness program is divided broadly into three simple steps! These are briefed as under.

  • Consult: A comprehensive consultation with our expert in-house personal trainers is the first step in the process. We are home to some of the best fitness trainers in NY. With excellent consultation, our certified trainers get better insight into the individual’s physical state and lifestyle habits to identify the gap creating havoc in their wellbeing.
  • Create: With customers’ inputs and physical stats, we meticulously create a science-backed training program that reflects customers’ fitness goals. This program includes an individual-specific exercise and nutritional diet to achieve their fitness goals in a set period.
  • Coach: Lastly, our team strives to assist individuals to remain dedicated to the planned exercise and diet. Simply put, our instructors stay in the backdrop to provide direction, instruction, help, and review at every stage of the process.

In other words, The LIFT fitness program offers the following in a nutshell.

  • Highly-effective diet plan.
  • Science-backed, bespoke action plan to meet health targets.
  • On-point instructions and prompt evaluation.
  • A robust and proven strategy that is easy to understand and quick to execute.

Going forward

Fitness programs aren’t only for people aiming to lose weight, but for everyone who aims at better living. Often, we might look healthy from the outside, but internally our organs might not function well. Therefore irrespective of how well-toned we look on the outside, we must listen to our bodies to avoid any internal irregularities. Additionally, a fitness program is always suitable for everyone! If you are aiming for a healthy-living lifestyle, connect to us so that we can help you create the best fitness program to cater to your unique fitness needs.



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